Saturday, December 08, 2007

Too Far, Way Too Far

An Ohio lawmaker is proposing his state help its citizens track the locations of registered sex offenders by using RFID technology.
Supporters of [the technology] say that the device provides an easy method for concerned individuals to know when one is nearby. According to one of the investors in the project, "it gives you an opportunity to gather your family, get in the car and lock the doors."
Wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to strap a big flashing blue light to their heads that yells "I am a molester"?

I've never found slippery slope arguments very compelling, but we are already starting to slide down that slope. California is proposing tracking arsonists in the same manner as they do "sex offenders."

If we are going to punish criminal for life, then keep them incarcerated for life. Let everyone see this as a police state if we are going to act like a police state.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Someone Please Help Me

My advisor during my career at DePaul is, by definition, my instructor for Foundations for Learning (a class to determine what classes I'm going to take).

If I decide to take Foundations in the Winter this is going to be my advisor.

I am seriously thinking that I made a poor choice in selecting a school.