Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Un-PC Question of the Day

So, let me get this right.  We can’t have vouchers because parents aren’t smart enough to send their kids to a good school.

The economic ‘crisis’ was caused by evil banks selling houses to people that we too dumb to know that they couldn’t afford the house in the first place.

We must have universal health care (whatever that means) because people aren’t intelligent enough to listen to the advise that their doctors give them and come to their own conclusion.

We must ban prostitution, drugs, cigarettes, firearms, gambling all because people are stupid.

In short, we must give the government power to control our lives because we are simply too dumb and inept to do it for ourselves.

Why then do we allow these same ignoramuses to vote for the same bureaucrats that we intend to run our lives?  Or even worse, let these same morons actually create laws for themselves?

If I agree that the public at large is really stupid can I suggest that you need to pass a basic test of intelligence to get into a poll booth?

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why Do Countries Trade With One Another?

Such was the question on my 2nd grade daughter’s homework assignment.

The correct answer is, of course, countries don’t trade with each other – people do.

That answer, of course, would have gotten her an incorrect answer once the economically illiterate teacher got their hands on it.

What to do with the brainwashing that my kids receive with a public school education?  Should I attempt to augment their education and risk confusing them with contradictory information?  Or more plausibly, get them pissed off at me for insinuating that their teachers are stupid morons that don’t know anything about how the real world works?

Or should I try to infuse them with critical thinking skills and hope that one day, when I start spouting libertarian gobbledygook that some of it will seep in?

I’m thinking that there isn’t a good answer.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm sure we will be waiting for some time before this fairy dust becomes real gold

Isn’t this the plan that got McCain skewered pre-election?

Senators are considering limiting — but not eliminating — the tax-free status of employer-provided health benefits to help pay for President Barack Obama's plan to provide coverage to 50 million uninsured Americans.

The reality is that politicians are liars – they will give you treats with one hand and pick your pocket with the other.

When government shows up “Hi, we’re with the government and we are here to help” keep both hands on your wallet because they don’t think the money in there is really yours anyway.

And one more thing – if any version of this really passes:

Baucus suggested that the benefit could be limited by taxing health insurance provided to high-income individuals, although he did not specify at what income levels. He also said that plans offering rich benefits — for example, no co-payments or deductibles — might be taxed once their value exceeded a yet-to-be-determined threshold.

Anyone voting for the bill will be immediately ousted. Gold-plated insurance plans are the golden calf of benefit packages and are highly prized as such. There will be a revolution the instant government tries to take them away.

I Didn’t Realize That the AP Was a Republican Shill

But I’m certain that many on the left will see it as so:

[In 2037], the annual Social Security taxes collected would be enough to pay for three-fourths of current benefits through 2083. To tap the trust fund, the government would have to increase borrowing or raise taxes because Social Security bonds exist only as bookkeeping entries. (emphasis added)

The government is running out of free money by way of borrowing.  At some point it is going to become quite costly to borrow more (if it is even possible).  What happens then?

The day that the lie that SS & Medicare pay for themselves is coming closer and the left is going to be apoplectic trying to figure out how to blame everyone but government failure on the problem.

So government can’t run the budget that it has.  It can’t run the health program that it has.  It is spending money like a drunk sailor on a 12-day meth binge.  And it wants to continue to do more of the same while telling everyone that will listen that they can make everything better while only making those evil rich people pay.

The reckoning is coming, I don’t think it will be pretty for any of us.