Wednesday, September 27, 2006

RIAA Gets Sued

Responding by a suit from the RIAA, LimeWire has filed a couterclaim accusing the RIAA of anti-trust violations and consumer fraud.

[RIAA's] goal was simple: to destroy any online music distribution service they did not own or control, or force such services to do business with them on exclusive and/or other anticompetitive terms so as to limit and ultimately control the distribution and pricing of digital music, all to the detriment of consumers. (Counterclaim, paragraph 26, page 18).


This case is but one part of a much larger modern conspiracy to destroy all innovation that content owners cannot control and that disrupts their historical business models.(Counterclaim, paragraph 28, page 18).

I like the idea of going after psuedo-governmental bodies using anti-trust regulation. If the suit is successful (and I have no way of guessing whether it will be) I would love to see people start using it against unions, the ABA, AMA and all the other protectionist organizations out there.

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