Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Where My Nightmares Come True

It's been awhile since I've complained about my return to the ultra-liberal halls of university life.  And there is a good reason for that - I haven't been taking any classes.

You see, the last class that I took was intended to prepare me for the rest of my life at DePaul.  We even had to go through the exercise of picking every class we were going to take on campus in order to meet all of the requirements.

We even had to go so far as to select when we were going to take those classes.  I was actually pretty jazzed about the whole thing because I managed to find a bunch of classes that I wanted to take and thought I would get a ton of value out of.  To be honest there were classes I was considering taking that I didn't need because they looked really interesting and would have probably been worth taking anyway.

Then the time came to sign up for the next quarter's classes.  None of my chosen classes were offered.  Fair enough, I had procrastinated a bit in signing up - my classes my have been all full, right?

So this week registration opened up for the next quarter and I logged in on the first day only to find...

Yep - no classes.  It's bad enough that all of the thought and effort that I had put into choosing classes was completely wasted, you should see the choices I have to pick from.

Here is a highlight:
The Psychology Of Cyberspace
Violence Against Women: A Human Rights Violation
Mediasmart-Understanding And Demystifying American Media
Globalization: Winners, Losers And Social Justice
Creative Tools For Social Change - Innovations In Effective Activism
Methods Of Discipline For Today's Children
International Relations: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
Poverty, Policy And The Economy: Poor In The USA
Art In Everyday Things: Books And Paper-Making

Seriously?  Do Universities only exist to indoctrinate students to liberal thought?  There is an introductory economics class (which fortunately uses Mankiw's text) which I will probably take.  But that only gets me through one class - what the hell am I going to take for the rest of my competencies?

My experience thus far is confirming my worst fears - going back to school, especially in this program, may have been a big mistake.

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