Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Price Of Solicalized Healthcare

Do we really want government to enforce our wastelines? Do football players get exceptions? What about sumo wrestlers?

The report shocked the nation and prompted the government to pass legislation to force the Japanese to shape up. The laws to address what the Japanese have come to call "metabo" take effect this year. They've given the government and employers, long dominant forces in Japanese workers' lives, places at the dinner table in ordinary Japanese homes. They've also sparked a flurry of products to help Japanese keep trim or shed extra pounds.

One regulation, effective in April, requires all citizens over the age of 40 to have their waists measured every year. If a man's waist is more than 33.5 inches or a woman's more than 35.5 inches, they are considered at risk and referred for counseling and close monitoring. The government is also requiring companies to slim down their workers or face higher payments into the national insurance program.

The left will deny that this would ever happen here and then as soon as they had incentive to do this here they would do it. I have no doubts.

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