Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Un-PC Question of the Day

So, let me get this right.  We can’t have vouchers because parents aren’t smart enough to send their kids to a good school.

The economic ‘crisis’ was caused by evil banks selling houses to people that we too dumb to know that they couldn’t afford the house in the first place.

We must have universal health care (whatever that means) because people aren’t intelligent enough to listen to the advise that their doctors give them and come to their own conclusion.

We must ban prostitution, drugs, cigarettes, firearms, gambling all because people are stupid.

In short, we must give the government power to control our lives because we are simply too dumb and inept to do it for ourselves.

Why then do we allow these same ignoramuses to vote for the same bureaucrats that we intend to run our lives?  Or even worse, let these same morons actually create laws for themselves?

If I agree that the public at large is really stupid can I suggest that you need to pass a basic test of intelligence to get into a poll booth?

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