Friday, June 12, 2009

Assuming that X is evil, anything that they do is wrong

The EU has been complaining, basically, forever, that Microsoft bundling a web browser with Windows is anti-competitive.

Rightly or wrongly, Microsoft has decided to decouple Internet Explorer from Windows 7 in Europe.

So, how does the EU respond? By complaining that Microsoft doesn't give users an option of which browser to use.
the Commission's contention this morning is that Microsoft's decision does not provide a remedy for that infraction: essentially, that giving the consumer no Web browser still gives that consumer no choice.
Now that the EU has finally browbeat Microsoft into doing what it wanted - they don't like the result. In short, since Microsoft is evil whatever decisions they make must be wrong.

They want to force Microsoft to bundle other companies products into their software. This is arrogant meddling at its best.

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