Thursday, October 06, 2011

MDL: XBMC Issues Pausing With Remote SMB

I love my XBMC and have had great success sharing a single datasource and database across multiple clients.
With one exception – my linux box doesn’t like it when you pause TV and movies when the video file is on a remote SMB share – whenever you try the videos stop playing.  Manageable, but it annoys my wife.
I think I finally fixed it.  I created a symbolic link on both the Windows and Linux clients so that XMBC thinks that the file is a local path.  This is necessary because all of the clients need identical paths to the video files in order to share the common database.
So far so good, I can fast forward, rewind, pause and the videos seem to handle it fine. 

Update: Nope, never really fixed it.  I ended up switching to Drobo  and sharing content with both NFS and CIFS.  Ever since I made the changed everything has worked like a charm.

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