Friday, October 21, 2005

Final Thoughts on Gay Marriage - For Now

Mary Gallagher keeps insisting over and over that gay marriage is going to make heterosexual marriage less meaningful.  Yet she has completely failed to offer a scenario where that is going to happen.

I completely by into Jane Galt’s explanation that changes happen at the margins and that I am not a member of that margin, but someone must be – right?  If so, who are the people at the margins?  How is SSM going to effect their decision?  And how is that loss of the marginal heterosexual marriage detrimental to society?  And if it IS detrimental to society, is it even something that we want our government worrying about?

SSM relationships happen, even if they are not contractually marriages, they are de facto marriages.  So the fact of gay relationships are no longer a societal problem, in fact the stigma attached to being gay is largely irrelevant to someone choosing (or accepting) to live that lifestyle.  

The marginal case at this point is only the legal standing that is given to couples.  I have wracked my brain trying to come up with a plausible scenario that would impact a non-SSM on that legal basis and it simply escapes me.   If someone can provide me an example I would love to hear it.

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