Monday, October 24, 2005

They Still Don't Care About You

Daniel Solove at Concurring Opinions responds to criticism that blog activism is failing.

The fact that Bush still stands behind Miers is not an indication of the blogosphere’s failure. The blogospheric reaction certainly has the Administration reeling.

I think that Daniel is reaching, the Miers nomination is all but indefensible and the fact that bloggers are seeing what everyone ideologically driven politician sees just means that the bloggers will get what they want.  If you look at the catastrophic failure that was the drive to defund the Bridge to Nowhere you see first hand how influential bloggers actually are.

Politicians will use bloggers and the fact finding that they generate when it suits them.  When bloggers and politicians are on the same side of an issue they will use them to help shape public opinion, but they will never listen to bloggers when they strike opposing views, there simply isn’t any motivation to.  Party faithful do not win elections; people that only care about politics in November win elections.

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