Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Good Riddance

I haven’t been able to follow football as closely this year as I would like so I didn’t catch wind of TO’s suspension until just yesterday.

I think that it is great that someone has finally had the courage to punish the adolescent shenanigans that superstars like Owens frequently get away with.  Professional athletes need to learn that multi-million dollar contracts do not buy a license to behave like children.  This is the lesson that Mike Tice should have taught Randy Moss last year in any of the several toddler like tantrums he threw last year.

This suspension won’t mean the end of celebrity pranks in the NFL, but hopefully it will start a trend where coaches and owners will be unafraid to punish their superstars regardless of how productive they may be.  Maybe with a couple more days sitting on the bench, kissing bonuses goodbye, these athletes will learn to think before they speak.

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