Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Masters of Illusion

Why do we trust the government to do anything?

While speaking to legislators and business leaders from both sides of the border at the Pacific NorthWest Economic Region's annual summit, Michael Chertoff said a "practical approach" is necessary.
"In particular, we will not be, for example, including in this set of regulations a requirement for passports for ferries or private watercraft, recognizing that this is a particular form of transportation that we don't want to interfere with," said Chertoff.

As Bruce noted, either passports are either required for security or are merely necessary to create the illusion of security. Creating what may otherwise be a reasonable policy and then destroying any potential gain with a loophole so large you could drive a 747 through it is the height of institutional stupidity.

The incentives for politicians and bureaucrats are so out of whack that government is barely able to function anymore. Politicians need to appear is if they are doing something about terrorism, but can’t afford to irritate any of the voters. The result? A policy with all of the costs and none of the benefits.


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