Tuesday, July 25, 2006


If you still think that climate change fanatics actually want to talk about the facts I offer the following:

In the message Hansen sent to reporters to explain his absence from yesterday’s hearing, the director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies said he had a conflicting doctor appointment to deal with a cold that interacts with his asthma to create a drip in his lungs. But he also indicated he would have adjusted his schedule if the witness list did not also include skeptical points of view.

Is Hansen so insecure with his point of view that he can’t even bring himself to participate in the same forum as the opposition? It’s not even like he is going to have to debate on the merits.

Environmentalism has become a religion; those that question the core tenants of warming, destruction and mass extinction are heretics that should be vilified and punished. Hansen and other scientists that participate in similar shenanigans should be embarrassed.

Science is about theory and counter theory. It is about data and evidence. Attempting to exclude arguments that do not meet your world view does a disservice to everyone involved.

HatTip: Prometheus

UPDATE: Michael Mann, of Hocky Stick fame, also refused to testify about his Hockey Stick study. You have to seriously question the work of scientists that refuse to defend their own work.

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