Friday, December 29, 2006

More Jobs Destroyed

When will the people wake up to the fact that this is just a scam whose very purpose is to make money - they don't care about you or the thousands and thousands of jobs that this is going to destroy - they just want to make a buck at the expense of American Jobs.
Buying a book could become as easy as buying a pack of gum. After several years in development, the Espresso - a $50,000 vending machine with a conceivably infinite library - is nearly consumer-ready and will debut in ten to 25 libraries and bookstores in 2007. The New York Public Library is scheduled to receive its machine in February.
OK, nobody is actually pitching the story in that way - for this. Why is it when Wal-Mart sells a warehouse full of stuff at bargain prices there is a line of people waiting to take pot-shots at them?

Selling stuff cheap makes everyone better off - except the monopolist, anyway.

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