Thursday, January 18, 2007

Profit Isn't the Problem

Canadian researches think they have found a non-toxic, very effective drug for cancer treatments.
A small, non-toxic molecule may soon be available as an inexpensive treatment for many forms of cancer, including lung, breast and brain tumours, say University of Alberta researchers.

But there's a catch: the drug isn't patented, and pharmaceutical companies may not be interested in funding further research if the treatment won't make them a profit.

You can almost hear the sneer associated with that dirty profit word can't you?

But profit isn't the problem here - the problem is the prohibitively expensive approval process that pharmaceuticals have to go through to get drugs to market.

If a drug company could get a drug to market without spending a billion dollars in research they would be falling over themselves to bring a non-toxic cancer drug to market.

So before you complain about those greedy drug companies remember that they can only make money by helping people - its the government that is preventing them from doing so.

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