Sunday, October 26, 2008

Political Commercials Suck

The Living Room Candidate has every political commercial aired on National television since about 1952.  The early commercials were actually relatively entertaining.  But sometime in the 80s the quality of political commercials, in my humble opinion, declined dramatically.

Maybe its just an effect from actually being familiar with the candidates from this period, but the commercials from the 80s on are unadulterated crap as far as I am concerned.  Any theories on why commercials over the last couple decades are just mealy mouthed crap?

For the record, the best of the commercials is this1968 clip titled “Laughter.”

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  1. hi - sorry to leave an unrelated comment - I'm finally upgrading my blog from classic to the newer blogger version, and am having trouble creating a pulldown archives menu like the one you have set up in the right hand column. Would you be willing to share the code?

    Thanks so much...

  2. not much to it actually - its just the archive widget that Google provides as part of their standard template components.