Thursday, November 13, 2008

I’m Pissed Off

Congress, the Administration and damn near everyone are tacitly admitting that the massive lobbyfest that was supposed to be a “bailout plan” is in fact a big giant dud.  Why isn’t this raising screams of protest and anger?  We were told that they “had to do something” and damn fact otherwise the world was going to end.  They lied.  They have spent nearly $350 billion dollars and now they are changing their mind and nothing has changed.

So they passed a bill in about 72 hours – it didn’t work.  Duh.

I’m not surprised but somebody should be questioning why we let them do this.

Why is the press just reporting that they are changing their mind and treating it like the next dumbass idea is bound to work? In reality, they just managed to figure out that they can use the illusion of a bailout plan as pork like pork has never been porked before?

Why do we continue to let these fucking morons plan around with trillions of dollars to just throw into whatever harebrained scheme that may,possibly get them elected?

Why isn’t everyone pissed off?

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