Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Some Random Thoughts About Obama’s Win

1. This isn’t going to be anywhere near as bad as the right fears and nothing near as great as the left hopes.

2. Confirmation bias is going to prevent the right and the left from acknowledging #1.

3. I think there is a reasonably high chance that Obama won’t be President in 2013.  There is a significant chance that some nutjob will decide they can’t abide a black man in charge of the country.  Or, Obama’s overriding need to “fix it” will delay or completely avoid any kind of economic recovery.

4. At least two Justices will retire in the next four years.  The best thing about Obama’s win last night is that the court will stay balanced for the next decade or so.  This just means that the courts won’t be able to implement a huge shift in Constitutional law for awhile.

5. I am actually a little amazed with how close the election was – Bush is one of the least popular Presidents in recent history and the election still ends up essentially 50% – 50%?  How screwed up is that?  I have to imagine that there is a real opportunity for a different type of candidate out there.  I just wish I was smart enough to figure out what it is.  I would like to think that someone could come out with a liberty, small government agenda and sweep the nation, but I have a feeling that will never, ever, ever in a million years be possible again.

6. I don’t think that we will see any major programs under Obama’s watch – government revenues will be down for a year or three which will prevent any real single-payer health program.  Raising taxes will all but ensure that Obama loses in 2012.  Government control of the economy will likely increase some, but it can’t be as bad as the 30s.  Can it?

7. At least Democrats don’t have 60 seats in the Senate, which should ensure that they don’t anything really stupid.  The Republicans tend to be more intelligent on the economy when they aren’t actually driving the agenda.

8. For those of you that are hoping that an Obama administration is going to undo the worst of the Bush civil liberties transgressions – you are seriously mistaken.  Iraq will probably maintain status quo.  DADT isn’t going to change.  Gay marriage will not become a federal issue. The left will like the use of anti-terrorist laws just as much as the right does.  In short, I don’t see anything positive coming out of the next four years other than putting the right into a timeout may – perhaps – force them to relearn that there are some of us that really give a rat’s ass about  conservative Christian “values” and really just want government the hell out of our business.

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