Saturday, December 27, 2008

Big Changes Needed in Detroit

Detroit has had, arguably, the worst record ever. It really is almost amusing if it wasn’t so bad.

Many blame management, but that is only part of the story. Even if they were, miraculously, able to come up with the perfect game plan, they just don’t have the talent to implement it.

So just wiping out the top and calling it a day isn’t enough. But it isn’t really fair to clean out the labor in this is it? Well, if you consider that if management had been doing their job they wouldn’t be getting those huge paychecks anyway, consider it a short-term windfall that they didn’t really deserve anyway.

But it really isn’t their fault, and no one should be blaming them. They were looking out for themselves, just as you would in that position. You always think that you are worth more than you are – its human nature. But there is supposed to be someone there telling you that maybe you just aren’t good enough.

But that is irrelevant anyway, even if you were able to clean the slate at the top and the bottom it will be years before Detroit can really compete again. So what is the answer? To change the rules of the game?

That will have all sorts of unintended consequences. You won’t really want to be on Detroit because the changes may not be enough. But betting on the competition that has been running all over Detroit for years is risky as well. They are, after all, getting some incredible advantages.

And what rules do you change anyway? Give them 5 downs to get 10 yards? Maybe make touchdowns worth 10 points? Or maybe you just spot them an extra 20 yards every possession. How do you make sure that it makes it “fair” and not just giving them an overwhelming advantage in every game?

Wait. This is absurd? You thought I was talking about the Big 3? That would just be absurd.

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  1. Excellent comparison. Wish I'd thought of it.