Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Deja Vu: Transit Strike

Hours after members overwhelmingly agreed to authorize a strike, the Chicago Transit Authority bus operators' union took preliminary steps Tuesday toward staging a walkout although union officials would not say if a strike would occur.

Union officials said they will meet with management on Friday to discuss the scheduling of bus runs, which is at the heart of the union unrest. After the meeting, the union will decide whether it should continue with strike plans, a union officer said.

Perhaps taking a note from the kinda-successful NYC strike, the Chicago union is threatening an illegal strike.  I’m convinced Daley will probably put pressure on the CTA to meet whatever demands the union is presenting, so it’s doubtful that they will actually walk off the job.  If they do I don’t expect Chicago commuters to treat them any kinder than NYC commuters treated their transit workers.

More to follow if they actually walk out.

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