Wednesday, March 29, 2006

EU Doesn't Want Microsoft to Innovate

The seemingly never-ending saga between Microsoft and the European Union took another turn on Wednesday as the EU Commission's antitrust division warned the software company not to return to its old ways with Windows Vista. The body is concerned about Vista's built-in Internet search functions and new document features

So basically the EU is going to threaten Microsoft with anti-trust charges every time they decide to offer an enhancement – presumably one that consumers want – for free. Of course if Microsoft left Windows basically unchanged and charged for every feature and enhancement they would be levied with predatory pricing anti-trust suits. Its amazing how create bureaucrats can be when they work from the assumption that success is evil.

Meanwhile Ballmer doesn’t want his kids to have choices.

In a recent Fortune interview with Steve Ballmer, the newer kinder Microsoft CEO is not only ready to take on the videogaming, search, music download and mobile markets - but he's also laying down the law in his own house. Steve says that his kids are not allowed to use Google or have an iPod.

From all the accounts I’ve read, Ballmer is an arrogant SOB, this doesn’t do anything to counter that claim. Instead of maintaining dictatorial control over his families choices wouldn’t it make sense to find out why his kids prefer non-Microsoft products? If he could answer that question maybe they could develop competitive alternatives.

But that would just lead to more anti-trust suits, so maybe its not such a good idea after all.

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