Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Linux Held Back By Dress Code

CNet is reporting that according to former Massachusetts CIO Peter Quinn 'the lax dress code of the open-source community is one of the reasons behind the software's slow uptake in commercial environments.' In particular, Quinn blames the 'sandal and ponytail set' for sluggish adoption of Linux by businesses and governments." From the article: "Quinn, who faced plenty of scrutiny over his support of the OpenDocument standards-based office document format, said proponents of open source in government faced formidable opposition from vested interests if they went public."

It amazes me sometimes how dumb some people can be. Unix isn’t being widely adopted because it’s 30 year old technology and requires at least twice the administrative overhead as Windows does. Sure its been gussied up, but it is still ancient. The entire dot com boom was driven by hippies in sandles and ponytails I’m sure Google, eBay and Amazon are crying all the way to the bank that the suits don’t like their dress

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