Monday, May 08, 2006

Favre's Back!

I speculated at the end of last season that Favre would probably come back and it turns out I was right. Favre announced over the weekend that he would return for at least one more year.

My desire and my commitment is why I'm here … [n]ot my footwork, not my mechanics, not arm strength or decision making. It's my desire to win. I want to win more than anyone else. I'm willing to do whatever it takes, and sometimes it's not pretty.

He loves to play football and I think will continue to play as long as he is capable of doing so, though if the Pack has another losing season the chances that he will return diminish drastically.

The good news is that the Packers had a phenomenal draft picking up several defensive players that can probably make an immediate impact. They also picked up Charles Woodson, though he isn’t he impact player that he was five years ago, can probably mentor the younger players and add some much needed leadership in the defensive locker-room.

Over all, I’m optimistic that the Packers won’t suck this year and am looking forward to beating the Bears on the first and last days of the season.

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