Monday, May 08, 2006

Victory Over Terrorism One Man At A Time

If you ever wanted to know what victory over terrorism looks like, here it is:

I had thought that I would be sentenced to death based on the emotions and anger toward me for the deaths on September 11 but after reviewing the jury verdict [against a death sentence] and reading how the jurors set aside their emotions and disgust for me and focused on the law and the evidence that was presented during the trial, I came to understand that the jury process was more complex than I assumed...I now see that it is possible that I can receive a fair trial even with Americans as jurors...

Moussaoui was so convinced of the wickedness of the American system he had thought death was a foregone conclusion. After witnessing the jury process, something that does not exist in the Middle East, he is amazed that even someone like him – someone that loathes the US, can achieve justice.

I think he may just be a convert to the American Way. Our victory is going to be one person at a time, but if we stand by the American Way Of Life then victory is certain. If we fall victim to the seductive voices that promise to make us safer at the cost of our liberties then defeat will be slow and painful.

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