Thursday, May 18, 2006

Optimistic About Roberts

When Roberts was going through his confirmation hearings, I generally believed that he should (and ultimately would) be confirmed. However, in the back of my mind I feared that this would be a Justice that would side with the government more often than not.

While it is impossible to discern how a Justice will vote in future cases based on a few decisions, but his decision in the case Jones v. Flowers leaves me optimistic that my fears were for naught. The gist of the case, as I understand it, is the state sent Mr. Jones a number of notices that he was behind on taxes for his house and after he failed to respond, they sold it.

Mr. Jones, who did not live at the house at that time, claims to never have received the notices and objected that his house was sold. Chief Roberts, as well as four of the liberal Justices, agreed that the State should have taken greater steps to attempt to contact Mr. Jones and sided with the plantiff.

I certainly don't understand all of legal issues surrounding the case, but whenever an individual wins a case over government power I can't help feeling a bit relieved and this case is no different.

HatTip: IlliniPundit

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