Saturday, November 03, 2007

I'm Back

Yes, it's true, after a long hiatus I have to returned to blogging.

So why did I leave in the first place?

Several reasons, the first of which I felt that I was just echoing what a lot of better bloggers were already saying. I just didn't have that much to add. Second, my blog reading had decreased considerably and I couldn't keep up with the topic du jour. Instead of struggling to keep up, I just stopped writing.

So what has changed?

Well, I'm not likely to blog on current affairs much anymore. I reserve the right to do so, but that won't be my main motivation. I'm going back to school to finish my BA and have decided to use my blog as a psuedo journal.

I'll start attending DePaul University in January and after reading the required "competencies" and attending a preliminary seminar on going back to school I just needed some outlet to express my - amusement? - at the process. I also wanted to record my progress - does attending school again change my outlook on life? The professor that ran the seminar assured me that it would - but I'm rather skeptical. Hopefully some of my former readers are still around (say hi in the comments) so there will be at least a handful of sympathetic ears to my plight as a (l)ibertarian in a very liberal institution - I think I may need the support.

Which brings us to one additional change. I'll no longer be blogging anonymously, I'm not sure why I started, but it's ending now.

I hope you follow the journey with me, it should be interesting.

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