Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Last Class Before My First Day of Class

It is kinda odd, I decided to go back to school and signed up for the required Learning Assessment Seminar. This was, I thought, the official beginning of my return to college. Unfortuntaley, no. I learned at this seminar (that I had to pay $350 to attend) that I hadn't even been accepted to DePaul yet.


I'm not even entirely sure what the point of this exercise was. Well, it was required and it cost me money, so that is part of the point I guess. There was also an amazing amount of writing required, one portion of which I shared on this site. I feel bad for some of my classmates that struggled with the exercises. There was very little direction given and no examples of what good writing actually is.

Perhaps that was the point.

The only thing that I learned during this exercise was that I have to take a 6 credit, mandatory class, to decide what classes I'm going to be required to take to finish my degree.

6 Credit Hours! I had no illusions that college was going to be cheap but $2400 for a class that has zero practical purpose beyond filling in a box in the requirements list! If I wasn't already convinced that college is little more than signaling I would be really upset.

Someone in the class suggested that we share email addresses and I volunteered to take the collection. I sent the list out to everyone, but didn't even get a thank you back. Its too bad, it will be interesting to see how everyone else fares over the next couple of years, I hope I can keep track of at least some of these people.

The journey is going to be much more interesting than most of the classes I'm going to be required to take.

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