Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Noble Politician

Something funny is going on. The government is proposing turning driver's licenses into a national ID card - or at least I think that it what REAL ID is about.

My initial gut reaction is to oppose such an attempt, which typically means that I should expect to be disappointed. But states are resisting:

State Rep. Scott Lansley, R-Sabattus, said the state won’t back down in their refusal to participate in the REAL ID Act.

Lansley sponsored the resolution barring Maine from participating in the REAL ID Act. It passed under the gavel in June. Sixteen other states passed similar resolutions.

Part of me wants to hope that states are standing up to a growingly overbearing federal government - but that never happens. Are states just looking for a handout? Are they pissed because Congress isn't handling out fat cash in exchange for decreasing our liberties?

The political ramifications are quite severe if they really decide to enforce requiring REAL ID or a passport to fly. Why are state legislatures willing to take this heat?

Keep in mind that I am glad that they are (at least I think so) but they aren't doing it for noble reasons, I would put money on it - so why are they?

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