Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Question for Atheists

Before I actually get to the question, let me tell you that I am best described as agnostic. I don't hold with any particular religion and couldn't tell you whether or not God exists.

For those of you that are atheists - how do you know that God does not exist? For those of you that point to science for your beliefs - isn't the best you can do as be agnostic abut the existence of god?

It seems to me that denying the existence of god takes as much faith as believing in god. One counter example "how do you know that dragons don't exist" or some such doesn't hold water. Dragons exist (or purport to exist) in the observable world. Man has explored so much of the observable world that the likelihood that dragons (or other mythological creatures) actually exist approaches very close to zero.

God, on the other hand, doesn't exist (or purport to exist) in the observable world so there is basis for a lack of belief.

At least that's the way that I see it - what say you?

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