Monday, February 04, 2008

It's Easy to Tell the Future

Once upon a time, writing about Massachusetts' health plan, I wrote:

*Healthcare costs will increase due to overconsumption
*Healthcare quality will decline (again due to overconsumption)
*Insurance rates will rise - especially at the bottom where government is subsidizing costs for the poor.
*Mass budget will sky rocket since the whole thing is an unfunded mandate.
*Businesses will find additional reasons to not do business in Mass leading to higher costs across the board and higher unemployment.
Just a couple short years later we have:
  • Cost overruns of $400 million.
  • The state capping premiums
  • Reduction of consumer choice. (Which I will equate with a decline of quality)
I think that I'm an easy 4 out of 5? And what do proponents say?

At least there are less uninsured.

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