Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Busting At The Seams

Amanda Frost on overcrowding on Capital Hill:

So why should anyone care? Well, I don’t claim that improving working conditions on Capitol Hill should become a national priority. But nonetheless I think the time lost waiting for elevators, foraging for food, and trying to find a quiet place for a conference call is a net loss for taxpayers. And I wonder if it doesn’t create an atmosphere of anxiety, annoyance, and general frustration that infects the day-to-day interactions of staffers and senators with each other and the constituencies they serve.

My first instinct is to say – the more time Senators and staffers spend waiting, the less time they have eroding our liberties.

My second reaction is that the solution is easy – decrease the size of government so that there aren’t quite so many people on the Hill.

Either way, I find it difficult to feel sorry for our Senatorial Overlords. (Which isn’t to say that Amanda does either, follow the link and decide for yourself)

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