Friday, August 11, 2006

The Problem Is Not The Guns

Arnold Kling thinks that we should disarm Muslims and there are others that seem to agree.

I believe that what we need going forward is a policy of disarming Muslims. I believe that we must keep devout Muslims away from weapons, and keep weapons away from devout Muslims. I can work with Muslims, send my children to school with Muslims, and be friends with Muslims. I do not have an issue with their religion, as long as they do not have weapons. However, the combination of weapons and Islam poses unacceptable danger to the rest of us.

To be honest, it appears to me simply a justification for a prejudiced view. Only a very small minority of Muslims take up arms against the West (many more would express a desire to, but few actually do).

Is it really appropriate to disarm (thus violate their natural rights) the majority in order to protect ourselves against a minority?

I think that the clear answer is no. There is something wrong with the Muslim world right now, but going after symptoms will not cure the disease.

Add onto this the fact that most of the violence is not perpetrated with conventional weapons I think that you clearly have a policy that will confirm to the Arab world that the west hates them and provide little, if any, actual benefit.

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