Monday, February 20, 2006

Blogger Book Exchange

Introducing the Great Blogger Book Exchange!

Inspired partly by December’s Great Blogger Christmas Card Exchange - though mostly by lamenting that no one clicks through my ads, so I don’t have any disposable income to purchase any of the books on my Wish List – I thought it might be a novel [pun intended] idea to great a sort of interweb book swap going.  Lord knows that I have books lying around that could find good homes and I assume others may be in the same boat.

My basic concept is that I would:
  1. Maintain a list of all the bloggers that wished to participate

  2. Link to each bloggers list of books available – books wanted

  3. Each participating blogger would maintain said list including an optional review/rating for the books

  4. Someone wishing to initiate a swap (though reciprocal sharing wouldn’t necessarily be required) would contact the current “owner” of the book and they would arrange transportation for the book.

  5. The “owner” would ship the book to the “buyer” with a list of previous “owners” including their blog site and city of origin.  

The “buyer” would thus become the “owner” of the book and the cycle would continue.  If this idea sounds intriguing to anyone, drop a comment letting me know you are interested and I will start the process.  And if you think it is colossally dumb – let me know that too so that I know someone is out there and reading!

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