Monday, February 06, 2006

The Problem is Not Freedom of Speech

Over at Coyote Blog, the poster is sick of the pretzels that the left has contorted themselves into to apologize for Muslim behavior. I certainly agree – but I don’t think the true issue is actually freedom of speech – at least not in the way that everyone is discussing it.

One thing that is completely missing from the dialogue is how the Muslim world has gotten to this point. Arabs are not inherently violent nor is Islam a particularly violent religion. However, the state of affairs in the middle east are desperate with the citizens desperately searching for reasons why their lives suck so bad. Those in power are manipulating them by pointing to outside factors as the root of their pain. Americans, Jews and the west in general - they say - are succeeding at your expense. It is the classic progressive zero-sum game mentality coupled with the classic despotism antics of pointing to strawmen as the root of all ills.

While discussions of Freedom of Speech are certainly important, the arguments will have little to no impact in the Muslim community. They will care little about freedom of speech for the west while they are unable to exert that freedom at home. Such conflicts will continue and likely grow more violent as the elite come to realize the mob power that they have available to them - remember that when the masses are burning down western consulates they are not rioting about their own conditions. If the west wants, or needs, to ease the unrest then serious dialogues need to occur on how to liberate the middle east from the despotism that current rules there.

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