Thursday, February 16, 2006

Kos Shoots Back

I haven’t felt very inspired lately – hence the light blogging, so I thought I’d drop by DailyKos to kick start my creative juices – they are bound to say something stupid that I simply had to respond to.  

Mission Accomplished.

If  there were any lingering doubts about Fox serving as the "Mommy" network for the Bush administration - kissing the group's numerous self-inflicted owies to make them go away - those doubts were laid to rest yesterday with the Brit Hume interview of Dick Cheney.

I honestly can’t imagine why the media has spent hundreds of broadcast hours reporting this non-story.  Yes, Cheney shot someone – by accident, people have all sorts of accidents every day and not everything that happens in a public figures life deserves to be on the news.  Did Clinton hold a press conference after Monica gave him a blowjob?

“Mr President!  Does she swallow?”  

There are much more important things going on in the world that the news media should be spending there time on.  How about the hard evidence that Saddam executed hundreds of people?  Or maybe a public shaming on the despicable practice of pork barrel horse trading?  I can’t even imagine them covering the new talk about WMD in Iraq.

I was listening to NPR this morning during their “letters” segment where they read listener feedback.  Three of the letters they read on the air told them that enough was enough already – yet they followed it up with more news of Cheney shooting his friend!

Back to the Kos blurb.  My question to the Kos crew is how many Democrats go rushing to FoxNews – an admittedly conservative news source – to talk about a topic that is shameful, personal and probably deeply tragic?

I thought so.

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