Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Election Years Suck

I have no illusions that (l)ibertarians will ever gain major political influence in the US.  The goals of a libertarian are contrary to the goals of the populous – the population of the US generally wants the government to “do stuff” for them while libertarians would prefer if the government would refrain from “doing stuff.”

So the question from this point who do I think will serve my purposes the best.  My major priority is [reduction of] spending, I don’t think that government can achieve long term reduction of civil liberties, so any short term loss can be reversed.  The economy, however, is much more fragile, in my view, so deserves extra care.  Politicians are loathe to cut spending and programs once they have been enacted.

Politicians these days don’t really seem to buy into the whole “fiscal responsibility” thing anymore, so gridlock is probably the best that I can hope for – Congress controlled by one party, with the President hailing from an opposing party.  Unfortunately, 2006 isn’t a good time to be testing such a theory since this President has forgotten he has the power to veto legislation – perhaps his red pen doesn’t work?

So I’m resigned to hoping Republicans retain control of Congress this year (perhaps with some more men like Coburn and McCain that seem to be jumping on the PorkBusters wagon) and praying for some honest to goodness deadlock for the 2008 election.

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