Thursday, December 15, 2005

Educational Choice

Nearly seven months after schools in a suburban Atlanta county were forced to peel off textbook stickers that called evolution a theory, not fact, a federal appeals court is set to consider whether the disclaimers were unconstitutional.In January, a federal judge ordered Cobb County, Georgia, school officials to immediately remove the stickers, saying they were an endorsement of religion. The ruling was appealed to the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which will hear arguments on Thursday.Advocates on both sides say the appeals court's decision will go a long way toward shaping a debate between science and religion that has cropped up in various forms around the country.

This is such a frustrating problem because it is so easy to solve.  Want to stop the bickering between the creationists and evolutionists?  Let them send their kids to the school of their choice.

As long as politics decides what the school curriculum is, courts will the forum where parents try to get what they want for their kids.  So if politics is the problem why wouldn’t taking politics out of the equation be the answer?  Give parents the choice on where to send their kids.  There is a reasonable argument that educating children is in the public interest, so you can even have the state pony up the bill (within reason of course).  So Mr. Evolution can send his kid to Science Academy for the Betterment of Society and Mr. Creationism can send his kid to Religious Academy for the Betterment of God and they can both get what they want without pay a single [additional] dime out of their wallet.

Parents can have their cake and eat it to? Yep, amazing isn’t it?

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