Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Slashdot Wrong Again

Slashdot is way off on its analysis of what is going on at Dell.  For one, Dell doesn’t toe the Microsoft line.  It provides Windows on all of its computers because that is what consumers want.  If a significant portion of the public wanted PCs with Linux on them, I would bet dollars to donuts that Dell would be there to provide the *nix boxes.  And when/if Apple actually provides Macintosh for Intel platforms (and there is an accompanying demand) Dell will provide that as well.

Dell is willing to provide FireFox for a couple reasons.  First, it costs them almost nothing to do so.  Second, FireFox is growing in popularity so Dell is heading off the competition at the pass, providing the upstart browser before it becomes a feature that consumers require as part of the purchase of a PC.

So despite Slashdot’s continued conspiracy theories, Dell is providing consumers with what they want, not what Microsoft is telling them to provide.

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