Saturday, December 31, 2005

National Healthcare - One State at a Time

Health care, too, continued to challenge legislatures. Missouri created a state prescription drug program for lower-income seniors to pick up costs not covered by the new federal Medicare prescription plan. Nevada now requires insurance companies to cover cancer patients participating in the earliest phase of clinical trials. Wisconsin lawmakers expanded the states health care program for the working poor to provide prenatal care and delivery services to illegal immigrants and inmates.

This is how socialized medicine is going to come about, through the states.

Which is a good thing, in my opinion. As healthcare gets more and more expensive thanks to governmental meddling, the public is going to become more and more infatuated with “free” healthcare. Especially as they are misinformed about the effectiveness of European and Canadian models.

The best case scenario is that the federal government moves too slow and states decide to act on their own. If states are given ample opportunity to screw their economies perhaps we can learn an important lesson without having to screw the national economy.

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