Thursday, December 15, 2005


Why is Blagojevich in DC pushing his All Kids health care program before it even launches in Illinois?

The paperwork to get Blagojevich on the ballot for a second term was filed Monday in Springfield.

Of course, politics as usual – the plan is a disaster waiting to happen.  He wants the US government to give grants to states that want to try his untested program out.  So how is Illinois going to pay for this without federal help?

Insurance premiums paid by participating families would pay 75 percent of the program's cost, the Blagojevich administration said. The rest would come from using managed care to cut costs in the state Medicaid program, with $57 million in savings the first year.

This prompts a couple questions, not he least of which is – where was Blagojevich in the 90s when everyone came to find out that managed care sucks?  It is not substantially cheaper and the quality is measurably deficient when compared to other services especially when you consider that important medical decisions are being made by faceless bureaucrats rather then you or your doctor.  

But none of that is important when you have an election to win, is it?

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