Friday, June 02, 2006

Election Stolen!! (Yawn)

It seems that Democrats just can’t seem to let the 2000 elections go, they are simply obsessed by it.  So obsessed that they see the hobgoblins of electoral fraud everywhere they look.  The latest incarnation is written by Robert Kennedy, Jr. claiming that Bush stole the 2004 election.  Let me start off by saying that if Mother Jones is skeptical then you have a tough row to hoe.  There is, of course, nothing new in this “report.”  It requires that every questionable vote to fall in Kerry’s favor, it requires that ever voter “purged” would have voted, didn’t already vote, and would have voted for Kerry.

Additionally, it is monumentally one sided.  It doesn’t address any of the tactics perpetrated by Democrats in states that went narrowly to Kerry.  And as Hertsgaard rightly points out, even assuming that all of the “contested” votes went to Kerry, Bush still won the popular vote and in 2000 every Democrat with a voice was calling for an elimination of the electoral college because it “wasn’t fair” that the man that got more votes didn’t win.  Of course we all knew that such complaints were inherently partisan, they only cared about the electoral college when it cut against them.

I have no desire to see Democrats gain widespread power in the US, but a divided government would likely meet my personal agenda so I’ll give some helpful advice.  Quit the conspiracy theories.  They make you sound crazy and distract you from what would actually be helpful – finding candidates that can actually win elections without resorting to moonbat theories about Republican conspiracies.

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