Thursday, June 22, 2006

Let The Games Begin

I blogged earlier of complaints that Microsoft wasn’t giving its security products away.

What is entertaining about the ensuing debate is the complaint that Microsoft decided to release this data to coincide of its announcement of OneCare products. Complainers are arguing that Microsoft should be providing these tools for free to users of Microsoft products. That it should be part of the basic OS. But isn’t this the exact approach that these same critics have used to levy anti-trust lawsuits against Microsoft?

Predictably, security providers that will be competing with Microsoft’s new offering are starting to complain.

"It’s bad enough that Microsoft is getting in to all aspects of security. But now they are going to kill their competition through predatory pricing," explained Sunbelt Software CEO Alex Eckelberry in a blog posting on Tuesday.
I thought it was fairly typical for new products to offer low prices in a competitive market. That is how you gain a foot hold. After all, why would you ever try an unknown product if it cost the same as everything else?

I’m beginning to see why so many people hate Microsoft, everything that they do is illegal. Selling products too cheaply, selling products instead of giving them away – you just can’t win.

HatTip: BetaNews

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