Monday, June 12, 2006

Why I Can't Be A Democrat

There has been much ado in the blogosphere about Kos’s attempt to woo libertarian voters.  So what do the Kos crowd actually believe?

High prices are bad, unless you are Wal-Mart then you are ruining America.

Government should be doing something about these high prices, unless that means doing something to find more oil.

Corporate give-aways are bad, unless you are a car company.

So spending government dollars to pay for health benefits at Fortune 500s is good.  But wait, when those government dollars are actually Medicaid its bad.

Immigrants are bad, unless they are asking for government assistance.

Using American force without UN authorization is bad, unless it’s something that you really want to do.

Discrimination is bad, unless you discriminating against white men.

Expanded Presidential power is bad, unless that President is a Democrat.

Being a Republican toady is bad, being a Democratic toady is required.

Money corrupts politics, unless they are large donors to the Democratic Party.

Gambling is bad, unless states are the suppliers.

Vouchers are good, unless they challenge an important constituency.

Americans should have unfettered ability to do anything they want with their bodies, unless it’s smoking.

Government shouldn’t listen to phone calls, but it is OK to watch everything that we do.

I can’t be a liberal because I’m just not agile enough to do the intellectual gymnastics required to follow the party line.  If there is an overriding philosophy that justifies all of these positions, I’m just not able to find it.

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