Friday, June 16, 2006

Responding to the Fanatics

Once again I have been shown how religious the debate about climate change has become.  I got quite a bit of traffic from my previous post and many of the comments are true to the form of climate change fanatics.

And you read an article published by a right-wing website and you believe it's the Gospel.

Perhaps the commenter didn’t notice the parts where I claimed that I had no understanding one way or the other of what is going on with the climate – yet this translates to my taking the article as gospel?  (notice the religious imagery)

Show me one paper that any of these so-called skeptics wrote and had become accepted science?

I believe I linked to one in the article – perhaps he missed it, if so – it’s here.

Of course anyone that does disagree is on the dole.

And what happens if you ask climate scientists who are not getting money from the fossil-fuel industry?

A common fallacy, but one that seems to hold great weight – you simply cannot counter someone’s argument by doubting their motives.  If the science was bad you can’t refute it by accusations of bias – you have to actually counter the science.

In other words those few guys who are quoted in this dishonest article are losers and they just can't take it.

But these industry funded shills are too coward to "refute" anthroponegic climate change in peer-reviewed journals.

Ah, liberal logic.  People that disagree with me are stupid and dishonest – simply brilliant.  I take it there aren’t any literature in the journals that question the “consensus” on climate change.  And, of course, the politics surrounding the subject couldn’t have anything to do with scientists being hesitant to subjecting themselves to personal attacks on their intelligence and character.

Particularly funny is this:

Tech Central Station is primarily funded by sponsors that include AT&T, The Coca-Cola Company, ExxonMobil, General Motors Corporation, McDonalds, Merck, Microsoft, Nasdaq, and PhRMA.

I guess the NYT, WaPo and others don’t sell advertisements…

Only a fool takes these jerks seriously. They will deny anthroponegic climate change until the hell freezes over no matter what the facts are.

And the environmental-religious fanatics will continue to call anyone that disagrees with them fools, ignorant and immoral regardless of the facts are.

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