Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Are Proffessional Organizations Really Liberal Activists?

It certainly seems so.

The American Librarians Association refused to stick up for a conservative librarian that was being sued for recommending conservative books.

The American Psychiatric Association has used its clout to advance a liberal agenda.

The American Bar Association states that law schools should institute quotas regardless of state and federal laws.

The American Medical Association, National Education Association, and others certainly seem quite liberal from where I sit.

My question is if this is a temporary state of things? Will proffessionals that are no longer being served by these organizations revolt or simply ignore them. I would imagine that a sizable percentage of the proffessionals that are "represented" by these organizations are either conservative or nominally apolitical. I can envision a scenario where there is an internal revolt and the leadership is replaced by people with vastly different ideological leanings.

The question then becomes will they be replaced by conservative activists thus swinging the pendulum in the opposite direction or by principled actors that only wish to serve their constituents? I fear that the likely outcome is to swing far to the right - it would be an improvement, at least temporarily, but not by much.

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