Thursday, April 20, 2006

Revolting Partisanship

There is a reason why substantive discussions about policy don't take place in Washington.

I’ve made the comment several times that I simply don’t consider most of the left to be my countrymen.

We may occupy the same bit of real estate but our vision of the nation – what it was and what it should be – are so divergent as to suggest that we inhabit parallel universes. As some may have noticed, I’m not terribly interested in finding common ground with the left because I simply do not believe most of them are capable of acting in good faith and I fear for my nation whenever they get their fingers on the levers of power.

Partisans are so busy trying to win - making the opposition out to be evil monsters that have no place at the table they can't even conceive that perhaps they both actually want the same thing. As long as politics is Us v. Them no good can ever be done.

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