Friday, April 28, 2006

Standing Up For What You Believe In

There is nothing quite as spectacular as taking a stand for something when there is absolutely no risk
...The Democrat leaders of the California State Assembly.... declared Monday a "check-in" day so as not to forfeit their $459 tax-free per diem for the weekend and Monday. A true legislative walkout would have led to lawmakers losing per diem pay for Saturday and Sunday, as well as Monday since spending more than three consecutive days away from the Capitol triggers a halt in the highly-prized extra pay.
So thousands of immigrants are going to walk off the job, forfeiting their pay – something that they will feel accurately since, presumably, they aren’t making a lot of money anyway. Meanwhile, Democrats show their solidarity by changing the rules so that they can collect their free money while looking like they care. Keep in mind that the legislators of California are, on average, amongst the wealthiest of California citizens.

If I was an immigrant I would tell the bastards to shove their walk-out where the sun doesn’t shine. If the Democrats of California truly cared about anyone other than themselves they would eliminate the per diem extra pay and use the money to “help people” since that is what they promise to do during election season. You know help those less fortunate and not just appear to do so.

HatTip: Hit and Run

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