Monday, April 10, 2006

Victory for the Proletariat

How depressing - faced with violent hooligans the French government resorts to handouts.

At the height of the demonstrations, he was sidelined in efforts to broker talks, with Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy -- a presidential hopeful -- taking the helm.

But, according to Chirac, new measures in the stead of the controversial clause had come at the suggestion of De Villepin.

Unveiling details of the replacement, Bernard Accoyer, the head of the ruling UMP party, said there would be no new law but the government would introduce policy that would directly help disadvantaged youths. [emphasis mine]

So instead of providing he means for the French youth to help themselves they are just going to open up the wallet book. Perhaps this is a good thing - as France descends further and further into socialism perhaps the whole system will crumble leaving capitalism as the sole survivor.

However, I'm not optimistic that any good can come from this.

HatTip: Marginal Revolution

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