Friday, April 28, 2006

Sprawling Legislation

If more people actually read my blog I’d call this Smilerz’s Law – Government regulation causes more of the problem it’s trying to fix.

But in many counties, the so-called adequate public facilities ordinances have become de facto building moratoriums because the needed infrastructure has not been built, said the center's report, which was underwritten by home-building industry groups.
Even worse, researchers said, the measures are diverting new housing from areas designated for development under Maryland's pioneering Smart Growth law, which was adopted a decade ago in an attempt to curtail suburban sprawl.

So Maryland’s anti-sprawl law causes sprawl, who would have thought? When are politicians and central planners ever going to learn that they just simply aren’t smart enough to mold human behavior?
Perhaps the most effective way to lobby against such “reforms” isn’t to convince everyone that they aren’t needed, but to convince everyone that you simply can’t fix these so-called problems.

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