Friday, January 06, 2006

$222 Billion Dollar Campaign Chest

Arnold Schwarzenegger stunned Democrats and Republicans alike this week with proposals for a grandiose $222bn design to rebuild California's infrastructure.

Striving to restore his battered reputation, the Republican governor devoted his annual address to the legislature to his dream of giant public works projects, reminiscent of those in the mid-1900s that drew investment and migrants to the state in unprecedented volumes.  

Ah, it must be election season - shaking hands, kissing babies and building bridges.  It’s a game as old as Caesar Augustus – rob them blind, but as long as you build them magnificent buildings they will thank you for it.

The fact that we let politicians blatantly bribe us with our own money is humiliating – how can a challenger honestly run a campaign against such tactics.  Joe Democrat isn’t likely to build a library in your hometown to buy your vote is he?

Elect me – Arnold once said – and I’ll clean up government, rid it of corruption and reduce the size of government.  I guess he has given up on that idea and has decided that now that he is in power he’ll use it to make sure that he continues to have power.  Because that’s the point isn’t?  He can’t do the people’s work if he can’t get re-elected.

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